And So It Began


I present to you cowl numero uno to take its stand on my Etsy shop!! I love the color combination of maroon and grey and whipped this up in a few hours. I also LOVE crocheting the mesh looking pattern, it makes the cowl lightweight but warm at the same time. This was also my first try taking photos of my finished work. I didn’t have a dressmaker model thingy on hand to drape my lovely cowl on, so I grabbed my fiance’s guitar and plopped it right on there. So far I love the idea and the look of my photos. Instead of being on a dummy neck it’s on a guitar neck! Hence the reason I named my shop Musical Cowls. Take a nice long gander at the photo and keep in mind that my shop will be open in 3 days! Also keep in mind how nice it would be to own one of these handmade cowls! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Update of more in my store coming soon.



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