Reward for Those Who Work…Hard

After my month or so hiatus from WordPress due to college demands and life itself, I have come to a resolution for my life that I feel the need to share. I would love to hear some thoughts/suggestions/questions/comments. Here it goes…

I originally began college with the bright eyed idea that I will become a teacher, not just any teacher but an English teacher for middle and high school kiddos. All I carried in my head was the joyous idea of what teaching is and would be for me based on the environment I went to school in (small, personal, tight-knit). Boy, was I happy when I was accepted to the College of Education, I was more than ready to get going on education classes and start making some lesson plans! The semester began as usual with the dragged out explanation of the syllabus, but what marked my transition into teaching was my student observation assignment. My mentor teacher was kind, at first, but gradually my weekly visits turned into an apparent burden for her. Needless to say, I was helped little and cut down a lot with “brutally honest” and judgmental comments such as “you’ll ruin my perfect state testing score” or “I don’t think this is for you.” Now, this wasn’t enough to make me quit on my dreams altogether. No way was I going to let that ruin everything. What did it was the salary teachers are paid and little recognition. Simple as that. After doing some research on schools in the area, I was checking out the salary charts for the current school year. They extended up to about 20 years of experience and it was…saddening.

Now, I don’t want it to seem as if I’m only looking at teaching for the cash, cause everyone knows good and well teachers don’t get paid much. My issue was the tiny increments of money you get the longer you stay. What I’m trying to say is, what is the reward for teaching? Yeah, you might feel great and accomplished when you get those few students who are actually learning, but what else? What do you get for your hard work? You can work your fingers to the bone and what do you get? This is the mindset I have formed due to the fact that I want to be rewarded, I want mobility paired with higher pay. All this said, I’m no longer pursuing teaching as a career. I’ve decided to stick my feet in the waters of copy-writing, public relations, anything where my skills can be readily used, acknowledged, and rewarded.

You know, there can be a solution for this to where the education world doesn’t lose potentially great teachers like me. Raise the pay, create a better reward system for those who put in the effort, and get rid of such demanding state testing! It’s so disappointing to get all this way and be told, “Oh, by the way, everything you teach HAS to conform to state standards and you gotta teach how to take a test.” WHAT A BORE! WHAT A WASTE OF CREATIVITY! WHAT A WASTE OF ACTUAL LEARNING! Twelve whole years of education and what do kids come out with? NOTHING. Except maybe their ABC’s and 123’s and putting their names on papers, if that. Oh, and they have great training on how to take a test.

I know that this may not fly well with those who are teachers and love it and find every bit of it rewarding, no matter how small. I’m only wanting to express a new mindset, a different way of looking at it, that has hit me like a brick these past few weeks. Sad to say, but a potential educator has gone out the window.

On a more positive side note, I know the weather is getting cooler and I know people wear scarves, so PLEASE check out my Etsy shop and treat yourself to a warm and cozy handmade scarf made by yours truly! I’ll even make one in your favorite color 🙂 MusicalCowls <–Click here, you know you want to!


The Link!

Okay guys, I present to you the link to my shop!

Please, check it out, drool over some cowls…maybe buy one? 😛 I’m still getting things figured out with the fine print, but other than that it’s good to go! Oh, and by the way, if you do happen to make a purchase you’ll receive a FREE SHIPPING COUPON for your next purchase…which saves you over 5 bucks! How about that! 😉

Well, back to the crazy stressful life of a college student…definitely ready for the weekend! Updates coming soon.

P.S. The TEXAS STATE FAIR is coming (Friday)! So excited! I’m ready to get my hands on some foot long corn dogs and hyped up on cotton candy! I’m gaining weight just thinking about it. Ha!


Opening Shop!

IMG_0963 IMG_0900

Hello all! So tomorrow I will be opening my shop and I’m more than excited to get it fired up! I’ve been working hard to get enough things made in between classes and work, but I made enough to get the ball rollin’! I’ve been putting a lot of thought into it all, and although it might not be much starting up something so many other people do, it makes me happy to share what I love with others! In the meantime, I’d like to bestow upon y’all a couple more photos of what I will have in my shop. I’ll be posting the link tomorrow!!!


And So It Began


I present to you cowl numero uno to take its stand on my Etsy shop!! I love the color combination of maroon and grey and whipped this up in a few hours. I also LOVE crocheting the mesh looking pattern, it makes the cowl lightweight but warm at the same time. This was also my first try taking photos of my finished work. I didn’t have a dressmaker model thingy on hand to drape my lovely cowl on, so I grabbed my fiance’s guitar and plopped it right on there. So far I love the idea and the look of my photos. Instead of being on a dummy neck it’s on a guitar neck! Hence the reason I named my shop Musical Cowls. Take a nice long gander at the photo and keep in mind that my shop will be open in 3 days! Also keep in mind how nice it would be to own one of these handmade cowls! 😉 Update of more in my store coming soon.


The Intro

Hello all! So my plan for this little “website” is to post my creations that I will be selling on Etsy and other little things I make. I’ve been planning to open a shop on Etsy during my winter break last year when I was loom knitting infinity scarves for Christmas gifts. Everyone loved them, and then I thought, “maybe I could sell them!” It was during that time that I began to haunt the yarn aisles of JoAnns and build my collection. Its become a little hard to resist the lure of that craft store!! I also got a kick out of crocheting hats and scarves for my fiance, who rocks (markets) them for me wherever he goes! In conclusion to my little introduction, I will be posting a few photos of my cowls and counting down the days till I open up my shop (September 23) which is also the first day of Fall! Keep on the lookout for updates!